• Kuweni
    “Vijaya Kuweni” Melbourne Production - September 4th 2011 Kuweni looms using a traditional ancient looming machine.
  • Black Dress
    “Vijaya Kuweni”. The traditional and captivating dance garments worn by the dancers in the production.
  • Folk Dance
    Vijaya Kuweni” Melbourne Production - September 4th 2011 Final dance item embracing the prosperity of the Nation.
  • Bharatha Naatyam
    The practice of south Indian folk dance
  • Instructor
    Talented & experienced Artist Rashika Kulasinghe (Product of University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka – BA Dancing)
  • Kuweni Adorned
    “Vijaya Kuweni”. The decorated adulation towards queen Kuweni.
  • Swans
    “Vijaya Kuweni” Melbourne Production – September 4th 2011, the Beginners of the academy perform at the Lotus Pond with Swans
  • Traditional Dance
    The depiction of Sri Lankan traditional dance, the origins of which, are associated with ceremonies and rituals.

Welcome to Vishver Rangayathanaya’s official website

The webpage consists of all the information you need to know about the dance academy. From upcoming events to contact details and images of past concerts, our new webpage is bigger and better. Devoted to Sri Lankan heritage Vishver Rangayathanaya are leaders in professional Sri Lankan Traditional Dance for over a decade. The dancing academy located in Melbourne attracts students of different nationalities, cultural background and various ages to learn Sri Lankan traditions passed down from our ancestors. The dance school has continuously delivered the opportunity to carry out traditional Sri Lankan dancing values while living the western life style.